UPDATE:  Updated:  20 Nov 2018 :

 We asking for donations of new and used clothing for adults, teenagers, kids; also new and used items of toys for kids for Christmas presents for street people.  If you can donate something, such as clothing and/or toys, let us know.  This year we also want to put on a Christmas dinner for street people, we will be looking for donations of turkey, ham, potatoes, veggies, desserts, drinks, paper plates, utensils, napkins, etc.  If you can help us with this, let us know.  Thanks!


  Last Christmas we gave out 70 gifts to street people today. Over three hundred items and it we put together gloves, scarves, winter hats as one gift, which turned out to be about 70 gifts.  We even gave three gifts to the police to give to street people that wound up in jail.  Thanks to all those that helped. We ran out of gifts, turned people away, said would try to work on getting more.  If you can give stockings of socks, tooth paste, brushes, new or near new clothes, let me know a.s.a.p., as we want to give gifts through out the holidays, it's never too late to give.




  Other needs that we haven't got any yet: 

- Winter gloves

- Winter hats

- Winter clothes

- Heavy winterized sleeping bags for those that do sleep outside

- New socks

- Scarves

- Baby stuff for single mother

- Tarps

Other needs:



    The ones typed in red are the ones we need more immediate to help with our day to day operations.



1)    Stackable chairs

2)    Office furniture:

We need a lawyer and/or legal team that knows about criminal law, and about Ministry of Children and Family law ASAP!  Contact me by email !